Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mile marker 18-24

Thinking of toddlers always makes me smile! I can't think of another age where so much energy, curiosity, and emotions are so passionately expressed! :) It's am amazing time of blossoming imaginations! You will not only notice some early pretend play, but you may also see the first signs of night mares and "monsters under the bed". At this stage, yout toddler is much more aware of other children and will interact with words and gestures while playing in a group setting.
Your 18-24 month old is also beginning to be aware of a variety of emotions that they have never experienced before- jealousy, sympathy, guilt, and fear. That makes this a great age to begin talking about body language, facial expressions, and the feelings that go with them.
  • Grab a mirror for some face making fun.
  • See who can find different facial expressions when reading a book.
  • Talk about how you or your child feels and why. This will give them a better understanding of healthy emotional expression. 
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