Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy first birthday!!

For those just joining us, we've been doing a post series on social, developmental milestones in young children for several weeks now. Today, we're going to talk about the 12-18 month old. At this stage, your baby is truly beginning to understand how things work and the "cause and effect" nature of objects and situations around him. As a result, his social development takes on a new level of interaction. Here are a few things to expect:
  • Cooperative ball play
  • Giving a toy to you and then taking it back (this is a great stage to begin working on sharing and turn taking!)
  • Begins to imitate adult behaviors; such as trying to brush hair, sweep, or put on shoes
  • Laughs at silly things and begins to understand humor
  • Resists adult control and may display frequent tantrum behaviors (Remember that he is learning about cause and effect. Giving in to tantrums can teach your baby to tantrum every time in order to get their way.)
  What a fun age to deepen your relationship with your baby! His creativity is growing, and you can really begin to see his personality beginning to shine! It's a great time to get out in your community with your child. Look for story times at your local library or book store. Join a local mom's group for playdates at the park, or try a free Kindermusik class. Click here to find a location in your area.

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