Monday, May 25, 2009

Lavanya - "Favorite Things" contest

Here is entry number five for the "Favorite Things" contest.

Music has always been the soul of my life. I cannot recall a day that has gone by without the influence of music in my life. Although I received formal training in classical dance and playing classical stringed instrument from India called the “Veena”, I relish music in diverse identities. Coming to the topic of how my baby and I enjoy music, I must mention that we started on this journey very soon after I knew that I had conceived Manav. I dedicated a few hours every day when we would hear melodious music and literally tap toes. We decided to reap the benefits of music to the fullest extent possible. While in the womb, Manav identified a few songs when played over a period of time. He even responds to them now. Music has given us meaning to our “alone time” when we relax and unwind.
Knowing how music shapes cognitive skills and alters behavioral response, we wanted to add structure to this activity. So we started with our Kindermusik classes very soon after he turned 3 months old. We have come a very long way since our first class when Manav was a supported sitter. Now, attending the classes at Delightful sounds has become a part of our weekly routine where we explore and learn something new every day. Music has helped my son explore, understand and communicate better. It teaches him the sense of sequence and rhythm. There’s no better medicine than music when he just doesn’t feel so good. Happy or sad we share a tune. I sing to him during various activities including the usual bath and bed time routines and even during the times when we clean up and transition to the next activity. Watching us communicate with music has encouraged my husband to sing and express in a more uninhibited manner. He now realizes that neither does one have to be a skillful singer nor know all the words precisely to convey in the universal language of music; it’s really the thought and the effort that makes all the difference. Now dad and son have a dedicated “music time” even after a long day at work. Even the bluest of the spirits and the dullest of the days get refreshed when there’s music playing along.
All one’s baby knows is their immediate environment so teach them to appreciate life through music and you will give them a gift for their life.

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