Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Who are you?

I was reading Sally's blog today, Wombats in the Belfry. She is a mother in one of my classes, and was talking about life as a mother. It reminded me of something that had already been floating around in my head for weeks. It had been begging to be written about here,since writing my thoughts down here with you seems to make it easier for me to make heads or tails of them. Anyway...

I had picked up my youngest daughter from school, and as we were walking out, I heard one of her classmates yell, "Bye Sarah's mommy!" It made me smile. There are so many names that we have! I'm no longer just Aimee. I am now "mommy", "wife", "the Kindermusik lady", "daughter", "business owner"... The list goes on and on. I suppose for some of us, there is a fear of losing our identity in the mass of all the labels we wear. Yet, I have come to believe that the labels do not dissect us, so much as they help to define us, if we let them. They are like pieces of a puzzle that, when properly fitted together, show all of who you are. I haven't lost my identity. We gain experience in life as we earn each new label. Every piece fits together to form the masterpiece that is YOU!

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