Friday, August 31, 2007

Sincerely yours,

I love the sincerity of children. They are sincerely honest, sincerely inquisitive, sincerely playful, and sincerely friendly. I was reminded of this fact yet again this week. I have a child in an Imagine That! class that requires the use of braces and a walker to walk. Most of the children had not seen either of these devices before and were quite curious. It was interesting to watch them and listen to their questions. As adults, we are often too embarrassed to ask questions, so we politely look in another direction to avoid the "white elephant" in the room. We miss so much that way. After their questions were answered, we proceeded on with class. Even though we are just beginning our second week of the semester, many of the children are already forming friendships. They enjoy holding hands in small groups for our circle dances and movement activities. As we began one of these activities, I noticed that one little boy had separated of to walk with this child. They couldn't hold hands, since she needed to hold on to the walker. Instead, he walked slowly behind or beside her walker during class. He held the walker with her so that they could be together. It's one of those moments that is a special privilege to observe; the birth of a true friendship, and I couldn't resist sharing it with you.

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