Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why music makes you smarter

I often talk in Kindermusik class about the role that music plays in stimulating the cognitive development in young children. The sequencing and pattern awareness for the finger plays and various dances encourage brain development in even the youngest students. With that in mind, let's take a look at what kind of cognitive skills should you expect from your infant and how to enhance them.
A typical baby that is under 6 months old will already be playing with rattles. Your baby will also explore objects or their own hands, feet, etc. by mouthing them. This is simply an effective way for them to understand the various sensory aspects of this newly found object. Make sure to give them a variety of safe and creative objects to explore with you. Young babies also enjoy repeating newly learned activities, and even as young as 2 months old, you may see excited anticipation during this playtime. It's a great time to introduce finger play rhymes while facing your newborn. Allow them to examine your face as you sing to them. Your little one is also learning to soothe at the sound of your voice, so sing a favorite lullaby to comfort or rock your child to sleep. I hope you enjoy this very special time of bonding with your newborn.

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