Thursday, September 20, 2012

Your social butterfly!

The first three months with a newborn are some of the hardest. It often feels like all they can do is sleep, eat,  poop, repeat. It's a busy time filled with learning to read and understand your baby's cues all while your baby is busy growing and changing too. Moving beyond the three month marker can be a real turning point for most new parents. Your baby has finally learned how to interact socially with you!

She begins to coo and smile when she sees you. Soon she will begin lifting her arms for you to pick her up. This is an age where your child begins to enjoy hand games, mirror play, and other social activities, such as playgroups or "mommy and me" music classes. By 6 months old, your child will likely develop a strong attachment to you, so plan to interact along side your child during these outings. This will help her to be more comfortable while she explores and learns, as well as promote a strong bond between the two of you.

We'll continue our social milestone journey next time with a post on the 6-12 month old child. Until then...

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