Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tiny Teachers

Children are the best teachers in the world. They teach young women how to be mothers and young men how to be fathers. They teach older men and women how to be grandparents. They even teach other children how to be brothers and sisters.
Think about all the skills children teach people. They teach moms how to be nurses and dads how to be heroes. They teach brothers and sisters how to share... toys, rooms, dreams and cookies. They even teach teachers how to teach in creative and fun ways.
Children teach the world how to love. They teach us to look past a person's skin color right to his or her heart. They teach us how to be honest, open, and innocent. And they teach us how to hug and laugh and be enthusiastic.
Children make us keep our promises because they never forget one that we make. They even make us into scientists and professors by asking "Why?" about everything that moves and many things that don't.
Isn't it interesting that while we are teaching our children to be adults, they are teaching is how to be children?

Excerpt from On Raising Children by Mary Hollingsworth.

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