Friday, August 03, 2012

Light up their world!

There are lots of great activities for children to choose from these days. There are various team sports, individual sports, such as gymnastics or swimming, and art classes available for families in most any size town. However, I can think of no other activity that stimulates your child's overall development as much as music. In fact, I read a study today that said just listening to music stimulated the whole brain! When young children are consistently engaged in age-appropriate musical activities they:

  • develop social skills and self-confidence that will benefit them throughout their life.
  • increase their gross and fine motor skills through movement and instrument exploration.
  • gain better phonological awareness for language learning and reading skills.
  • boost creativity as they explore new sounds and rhythms.
  • build stronger reasoning skills which will benefit their math and science understanding.
You can learn more about music and your child's development at the Kindermusik website. Classes are now enrolling. Enroll today and light up your child's mind!

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