Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sibling Rivalry

As a home school family, I spend a great deal of time around my children. We have a great time learning together, but, like any other family, we also have days where disputes arise. I have come to learn that no matter where you're from or how you raise your children, the fact of the matter is that sibling rivalry is sure to raise its surly head! Conflict resolution is an important skill that children need to learn to succeed in life. However, it's easy to feel frustrated when your working though this with your children because you don't want to appear to be "taking sides". Here are a few pointers I picked up from the James Dobson book, The New Strong-Willed Child.

  • Don't inflame the natural jealousy that your children feel by comparing them to each other.
  • Establish a workable system of justice at home. In other words, you should have reasonable rules that protect each family member an ensure their fair treatment, then consistently enforce those rules.
  • Recognize that the hidden "target" of sibling rivalry is you! The bickering may be an attempt to capture more attention.
I hope it will help smooth the rough edges in your household as your children grow and learn how to successfully work with those around them.

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