Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meet Brendan, Patrick, Abigail, and Rebeca

At what age did your child begin taking Kindermusik classes?

Abigail and Brendan began taking Kindermusik classes when they were 16 months old. Patrick has been going since birth. Rebeca has taken classes off and on with Delightful Sounds since she was 4.

Number of years you attended classes?
We’ve been with Delightful Sounds for the past 5 years!

What is your favorite Kindermusik song?
Gosh, each one of my children has a favorite song. Now with my youngest just about outgrowing his ‘our time’ its neat to hear the older ones remembering the songs when they used that curriculum!

What is something that you’ve learned from your Kindermusik experience?
Never to judge a class by the first day! Each child settles into a class at its own pace.

Tell us about a favorite Kindermusik moment with your child:
I think the moments that I cherish the most is when the class finally ‘clicks’ with my child. They recognize the songs, faces and all the fun they have each week! Also, I love it when they bring home the songs and activities and play them with their siblings.

Anything else you’d like to share?
Ms. Aimee does a FANTASTIC job of offering a variety of classes for children of all ages. We’ve gone the spectrum from family time to our time to sign and sing to art and music with a bit of gardening in between. I can’t wait to see what else is next!

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