Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meet Lavanya and Manav

At what age did your child begin taking Kindermusik classes?
We started Kindermusik very soon after Manav was 3 months old.

Number of years you attended classes?
2 years and going strong.

What is your favorite Kindermusik song?
We have many favorite songs from Kindermusik classes. Every semester we have a few favs. We haven’t come across a song which we didn’t like in the Kindermusik classes. To name a few that are close to our hearts – Skinnamarink, Tinga Layo, The toe tappin’ blues, Go into the kitchen and Down in the meadow.

What is something that you’ve learned from your Kindermusik experience?
To me Kindermusik is not just a music and movement class for the kids and caregivers. It has become an integral part of my life as a mommy. We have made wonderful friends from our classes at Delightful Sounds. Manav has learnt a lot of social skills appropriate for the age due to such exposure. The teachers are doing a fantastic job incorporating healthy habits and age appropriate development very subtly during the class.

Tell us about a favorite Kindermusik moment with your child:
Happy or sad, Manav and I share a tune. We sing his favorite lullabies every night and no day is ever complete for us without Kindermusik songs.

Anything else you’d like to share?
Any class is only as good as the teacher imparting that class. In that domain, Mrs.Aimee has excelled (and still is) beyond any expectations and has also done a wonderful job recruiting similar teachers to Delightful Sounds.

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Dee said...

This is a great story, so good to see parents actively involved in their children's (arts) education. It is a travesty that school districts are cutting arts programs, but children can still learn and benefit from elementary music education at home and in after-school programs. Music is so important to young children and more parents need to take initiative.