Monday, June 21, 2010

What happened to my baby?!?

Here's the scenario. You wake up one day, only to realize that your once easy going baby has turned into a toddler size dictator! Some children reach it earlier, and some later, but rest assured, every child goes through some form of the "terrible two's". Even though this time can be frustrating, don't forget that it is also a time of wonderful growth for your child. They are learning more about boundaries, how to interact socially, and who they are as a person. This type of learning will often last well into the preschool years. Here's what to expect of a typical two-and-a-half year old:

• Strongly possessive of loved ones and toys.

• Speaks in a loud urgent voice

• May become demanding and dictatorial

• Has difficulty with transitions and changes in routine

Sound familiar? Remember to be patient yet firm with your child as they test boundaries that you have established. Prepare your child, in advance if possible, for any changes to the schedule. Keep in mind, that this is all part of their growing process, and every parent has walked in your shoes at some point. In the end, you will see what a "Marvelous Me" your child can be!

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