Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Parent's perspective

What are parents saying about Kindermusik classes? As a parent, I always check to see what other parents think about a class before signing up my children. I recently did a little blog research on the subject, and here's what I found.
"Ava Claire had so much fun wearing pajamas to Kindermusik! She really enjoys going to class each week! I really think it is helping her become even more of a genius! We signed her up for next semester too! Yay! "
Mrs. Odom said, "Kindermusik is a great way to aid in a child's development through music. My twin boys, Bailey and Carter, have been going to classes since they were 3 months old. Their smiles and laughter are evidence of their love of Kindermusik."

Capitol Mommy wrote, "Then I thought about what my favorite days of the week are. They are definitely "girl's days out". The days where B and I get out of the house and go on little adventures. Staying home with B is the most wonderful privilege and gift but some-days it make all the difference just to leave the house for a bit. So this week when we headed out to our weekly Kindermusik class I threw my little camera in the diaper bag so I could capture our day."
Over at Niemeyer Nest, "Evie was so excited to be at Kindermusik. She really likes it! You should check out a class in your area. Evie and I have tried a lot of classes and this is our very favorite. "

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