Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Today's Agenda

Here we are at the start of another school year and Kindermusik semester. As we are all scrambling to get back to our school routine, I was reminded of just how important that routine is for us. In the Kindermusik classroom, you and your child will find a routine to the activities.

  • It gives us an understanding of what needs to be accomplished for the day.

  • It helps us to know what to expect next.

  • It keeps me organized, so I don't get stressed out.

  • I have greater security that things will get done on time.

If a routine is important for us in these ways, think how important it is for your children. The life of a child is often outside of their control. For example, they are told the proper things to eat, when to get a bath, and what clothes are appropriate for certain outings. Having a routine will help your child to feel more secure, by letting them know what to expect and when to expect it. In the Kindermusik classroom, we practice this same principle. Perhaps you'll notice that rocking time is always followed by story time, or a "clean up" song is always used when an music activity is over. You can incorporate these same types of routines into your own daily life at home. Maybe you use a favorite song to move from one activity to the next, or you might always follow bath time with a soothing massage and story before your child goes to bed. If your current routine isn't working for you, consider making some changes. You can visit a Kindermusik class for lots a great ideas. We'll be learning lots of songs this semester that would fit into a variety of routines and situations. Remember that a routine helps the whole family to be healthy and happy! I hope you'll share some of your favorite ideas as a comment below!

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