Monday, August 03, 2009

More ramblings from the Possibility Finder

I was reading through some old posts on my blog, and I came across one from when I first started blogging. I was talking about all the possibilities I see when I get to know the children in my music classes. Let's face it, our children may not always behave the way we wish they would. They may not even be interested in the things we wish they would, but each child is a unique and wonderful package of possibilities. I love that thought, because it gives us hope for what our children may become. What contributions will they achieve in their lifetime? Who's life will they touch is some unique or profound way? Maybe these things would never have happened if we had not chosen to encourage the wonderful possibilities tucked away in our children. They may not turn out to be the next music sensation like we had hoped, but perhaps they save some one's life as a firefighter instead. Here's an excerpt from that post. "I am more than just a music teacher. I am a possibility finder! Hidden within each child, there are talents and abilities just waiting to be uncovered. Discovering strengths, learning to work through weaknesses-all these things play an important role in discovering everything they are capable of."

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