Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Good Beginning Never Ends

Last Friday, I had the privilege of a visit from Cindy Bousman, a representative from Kindermusik International and an experienced and intuitive Kindermusik educator. Cindy agreed to accompany me to Everyday Blessings, a residential foster facility that houses approximately 35 foster children. I have offered Kindermusik classes to the children there off and on for the last four years. Many of these children have faced unspeakable hardships in their young lives and desperately need someone to love and encourage them.

It had rained heavily for several days before our class, and the children were particularly in need of an outlet. It was one of those classes where you put on the music and hang on for dear life! Afterward Cindy and I reflected on the experience, and I have thought about our conversation several times since. One thing she said that has stuck with me, was how sad she felt for the children. It's true. There have been many times that something they will say or do almost haunts me, but that is what keeps me coming back. You see, if you look under the Kindermusik logo, you will see the tag line, "A good beginning never ends", and in this case it is especially true. If you were to have the pleasure of joining me in class, you would see the joy that comes over their faces when we walk in the room. They can leave other things behind and have the freedom to express their creativity and truly enjoy the music as only a child can. They find in a Kindermusik class, a place where all children are welcomed and valued. I know that I am playing a part in giving them a new beginning, one that will truly never end. This year, Kindermusik will celebrate its 30th birthday, and as we celebrate, my birthday wish goes out to these very special children.

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