Thursday, June 05, 2008

the Kindermusik experience

My children are out of school now and have had time to once again be in Kindermusik with me. This is the first year since I opened my business that I have not had at least one of them in class with me. It has been interesting how that has made me feel. As I sat with my youngest daughter today, I found myself reflecting back to all the classes we had done together. She began in my Village class when she was just 11 months old. I thought back on some of her favorite songs as we did infant massage and danced together. Then there were her favorite finger-play and circle dance songs as a toddler. In preschool, she loved the stories and all the imaginative play in class. I was reminded how much she has grown and changed over the years, and how much this musical experience we have shared in has played a role in that. My children and I have had a chance to laugh, play, explore and grow together as a family. To me that's a big part of what the Kindermusik experience is all about.

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