Monday, October 15, 2007

Born to play!

Well, I'm finally back online. Seeing how far behind I am in work makes me wonder how did we ever survive before computers? Ha!

If you've been following along, we were talking about different domains of development for children. I believe we were up to social development. Social interaction is going to play a big role in all areas of development for your child. Play time should involve a wide range of relationships. While babies enjoy watching other babies, they also love to observe and imitate adult behavior. Try making faces with your baby or play imitation games.

Babies and young toddlers often play next to each other without really playing together. This is called parallel play. This will later lead to greater peer interaction and cooperative play, sometime after the second birthday. I find it ironic that this stage is also the most difficult when it comes to sharing or taking turns. But all of that playing and interacting pays off in learning. The typical three year old has typically mastered turn taking, following directions, and obeying simple rules.

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