Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hi Ho Peanut!

My oldest daughter recently celebrated her birthday. Our tradition is for the birthday person to pick a special treat for the family to do together. Her choice this year was horse back riding. There aren't a lot of places that offer trail riding in the area, so I was unsure of what we might be getting in to. I've ridden some poorly mannered horses at rental facilities in the past, and certainly didn't want that experience for her on her birthday.
We chose to go to R&R Ranch in Lithia. It is across the street from a wildlife preserve with horse trails. They gave the girls a mini-lesson in the arena, then we went on a guided trail ride. There is also a petting area there with rabbits, ferrets, and chickens to enjoy. I could not have asked for a better experience! If you would like to schedule a ride or want information about riding lessons, their number is (813) 653-3819. Thanks for a great time Debbie!

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