Monday, June 11, 2007

TV or not TV. That is the question!

There's just no substitute for good old fashioned quality time with your child. Kindermusik has always said that you, as the parent, are your child's most important teacher. I, for one, believe that is true. If you are not convinced of that, be sure to read this excerpt from an article in The Boston Globe.

About 40 percent of 3-month-olds watch television or videos for an average of 45 minutes a day, or more than five hours a week, according to the first-ever study of the viewing habits of children under the age of 2. The study, by pediatric researchers at the University of Washington, also found that by age 2, 90 percent of children are watching television for an average of more than 90 minutes a day. Such early exposure to screens can have a negative impact on an infant’s rapidly developing brain and put children at a higher risk for attention problems, diminished reading comprehension, and obesity, researchers said.
Researchers said they were surprised not only by the number of hours young children are spending in front of the television but also by the primary reason: Most parents are using television as an educational tool, not for the more conventional explanation of babysitting. Despite nearly a decade of warnings by pediatricians to the contrary, parents believe that the content of programs aimed at babies is good for brain development.

Thanks for the heads up Molly!

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