Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The beat of a different drummer

Beat intrigues me. Most babies I know love to bounce up and down to the beat of a song or chant. How can something be so inherent at such a young age? It's so much a part of them. Yet, when you think about it, beat it something they have always known. The steady beating of their mother's heart and breathing must have played like a soothing symphony to them in the womb. We are each gifted with our own sense of beat. As we grow, it continues to be an integral part of who we are and will become. Think about it. We walk to our own beat, talk to our own beat, even write our name to our own beat. To show this, I challenged my parents, today, to sign their name out of rhythm. You can't cheat by just slowing down the rhythm. It has to be different than your usual pattern. I am sure it will, not only feel odd, but won't look quite right either. Since beat is so important, we spend a lot of time playing steady beat games and moving in Kindermusik. You can work on it at home too. Grab those pots and pans for an impromptu jam fest in the kitchen or dance around the house to your favorite tune. After all, practice makes perfect.

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