Saturday, January 20, 2007

What do you think?

I read a comment in an online paper yesterday that I found troubling. The article stated that young children who are enrolled in enrichment programs, musical or otherwise, do not benefit from them. Baffling... Obviously this person had never been in a Kindermusik classroom. I have seen such amazing benefits in my own children and those that I teach. Early exposure to music can enrich so many areas in the life of a child, such as increased math and science skills, stonger language development, and greater creativity. I was curious to know what my readers thought about this. What benefits have you seen in the programs you've chosen to enroll in?


Jenn & Amaya said...

I think it's bologna. Amaya has surely learned plenty and her speach has improved a lot!

Aimee Carter said...

I love how well Amaya has done interacting with her friends in class too.

Jamie said...

That person is crazy! Olivia and I were in your sign and sing class in Dec (very small little girl) and I think it was the best thing I could have done. Not only for the music and sign language but for the interaction with the other kids her age. She was always so excited to see them. And I believe she loved the music too. You should write to the person and offer them a free session, I think they will retract their views.

PS-we miss the class..but we will see you in March for session B.

Hugs <3
Jamie and Olivia Masengale

Susanne said...

I have noticed an enormous jump in Marley's social skills, language and overall maturity. Is this because of Kindermusik or would it have happened anyway? I'm pretty sure Kindermusik has played an important role. Had we chosen not to participate, I'm confident she wouldn't have developed at the same rate, at the very least.

Besides, Kindermusik is fun! That alone is beneficial.

Aimee Carter said...

You're right in that Marley would have grown on her own. Kindermusik just serves as a fun and educational enhancement to that growth. There is so much research out there that talks about music and it's affect on development, particularly cognitive and language. As an Early Interventionist, I have seen tremendous growth in all areas of development for the children enrolled in Kindermusik, and many of their parents will tell you it wasn't happening like that before they started the classes.